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Top 10 Traveler Tips

1.  Read helpful brochure, "Know Before You Go," 
     before traveling.  www.cbp.gov unde the Travel section.
2.  Understand that CBP officers can inspect you and your
     belongings without a warrant.
3.  Don't bring any food, live birds, bird products into the
     U.S. without first checking to see if it is permitted.
4.  Don't bring any Cuban-made products into the U.S.
5.  Be aware that many foreign-made medications are
     not FDA-approved, and you cannot bring them into
     the U.S.  Bring only the amount of medication you'll
     need during the trip.
6.  Know the difference between prohibited merchandise
     (such as ivory, counterfeit items) and restricted
7.  Know that things bought abroad for personal use or
     as gifts are eligible for duty exemptions.  They are
     not for resale.
8.  Be cautious when buying something from a street
     vendor, it may be counterfeit and/or unsafe.
9.  Declare everything you are bringing in from abroad,
     even if you bought it in a duty-free shop.  This
     merchandise is also subject to U.S. duty fees and
     other restrictions.
10.Visit www.travel.state.gov for destination information
      and have all the required travel documents.

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